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What is the eDevelopment Service? 

eDevelopment is the Scottish service that enables users to apply online for planning permission, building warrants, appeals, and a range of other forms, to their local and planning authority. It is managed by the Scottish Government in partnership with all Scottish local and planning authorities.

For more information, why not check out What is eDevelopment? designed to assist newcomers to the service and to Scotland's planning and building standards sectors. 

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Need help using eDevelopment?

Just go to our Support Tab link in the top right hand corner of the site to find helpful information, user guides, guidance, and to request assistance from our Support Desk team.

You can also click on ther "Need Help?" icons on pages across the site.  


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How do I get started?


You will need an account to get started. To create your account click on the 'Create an Account' button in the top left of this page.

Once you are set up, just scroll down to find out how to get started on your application. If you need assistance you can download our user guide, or visit our Support tab located in the top-right corner of the site.


How do I make an application?


You should be able to make an application in 6 steps:


1. Find out what you need to apply for 

There are many things that you can apply for on this site, and knowing what you need is the first step. If you're not familiar with the planning or building application processes, you can find out more from mygov.scot.

  1. We would always recommend talking to your Authority about this as they will be deciding upon your application.
  2. If you're not familiar with the planning or building application processes, you can find out more from mygov.scot.
  3. Both the ePlanning and eBuildingStandards portals have a 'Which Form Wizard' that can help you find the form that you need to complete. The wizards can be accessed by going to the respective portal, and selecting the 'Which form Wizard' button on the left hand menu.

Please note in many instances, you may need to obtain more than one permission if you're looking to undertake building works. For example, you may need to obtain Planning Permission or make a Householder Application (Planning Permission for Householders) for your development, and also apply for a Building Warrant and Completion Certificate.


2. Go to the relevant portal 

First you'll need to log in. To get started on your application you will need to select either the ePlanning or eBuildingStandards buttons from the menu on the left-hand side of this screen.

As a quick guide, we would recommend that you visit the ePlanning portal to apply for:

  • Planning Permission,
  • Householder application,
  • Listed building consent,
  • Conservation area consent, 
  • Advertisement consent,
  • Tree works, 
  • Prior notification, 
  • Certificate of lawfulness, 
  • Notice of review, 
  • Certain appeals, and
  • To submit other planning related forms.

You can visit the eBuildingStandards portal to apply for:

  • A Building Warrant,
  • An amendments to a Building Warrant,
  • Temporary occupation or use,
  • Notice regarding start of work,
  • Notice of work stages complete,
  • Completion certificate, and
  • To submit other building standards related forms.


3. Create a Proposal 

The first step in the process is to create a Proposal; this process  is the same in both portals. You can go to the 'My Proposals' page and click on 'New Proposal' (located right above the Active and Deleted tabs). This process will involve:

  • Selecting your site address by postcode, address, easting and northing, or map, and
  • Giving your proposal a name and brief description.


4. Select an application form 

Once your proposal has been created, you'll be able to add the application, review, or appeal form that you want to complete.


5. Fill out your application form

You'll then be able to fill out your application form and upload any documents that you need to. You can save and exit your form at any time and come back to it later.


6. Pay for your application and submit it 

When you've filled out your form and are ready, you'll be able to pay for your application and submit it along with any supporting documents that you want to upload to the site. Although different authorities have different payment options, they all allow you to pay using a credit / debit card directly to your authority through this site. We'd recommend doing this if you can.

Once you've submitted your application, and we'll pass your forms and supporting documents along to your authority.


7. If you need assistance, just visit our Support tab

We have lots of guidance and links available in our Support tab that should provide the help that you need in many situations.

If you're still stuck, you can contact our Support Desk open from 9am - 4pm on Monday to Friday. Full details on how to contact us are in the Support tab. 


How can I find out the fee for my application?


In several ways.

1.  Fee Calculators -

  • Both the ePlanning and eBuildingStandards portals have their own fee calculator.
  • These these can be accessed by going to the respective portal, and selecting the Fee Calculator from the left hand menu.
  • By answering a few questions about what you're looking to apply for, the calculators can assist you in estimating the cost of your application. 
  • Please note that these calculations are entirely dependent on the information that you enter. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the calculated fees are correct, this should be viewed as an estimate.

2.  Your Local and Planning Authority

  • As all fees are paid directly to your authority (whether through the service or otherwise), they will determine on your application and also the fee.
  • We would always recommend checking the fee with your authority prior to submitting your application.
  • A list of authority contacts details is available here. 


Will I need a Location / Block Plan for my application?


You will need a Location or Block Plan for many Planning and Building applications. For more information on minimum requirements for location plans for planning applications plans click here.

If you do not yet have a plan, you can buy one through our approved suppliers.

We have chosen these suppliers because they:

  • use Ordnance Survey data,
  • offer a range of scales and plan types,
  • are competitively priced and easy to use,
  • offer dedicated customer service support, and
  • offer compliant plans for Scottish Planning and Building Standards applications. 

Just click on one of the logos below to go to a partner site to create and purchase a plan.



Why choose emapsite?

  • Compliant plans for Planning and Building Standards applications.
  • Competititvely priced. 
  • Simple process for home users with video tutorials.  
  • Advanced tools for professionals.
  • Edit purchased plans at no extra cost.

Why choose thinkWhere?

  • Express service. 
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Online mark-up tools available.
  • Highly competitive pricing.
  • Free support for users.

Why choose UK Planning Maps?

  • Ordance Survey Location plans for your planning application.   
  • Preview free and download your plan 
  • Free paper copies with every order. 
  • Lowest prices online. 
  • Telephone helpline available 6 days a week for queries and orders.


Where can I get help if I need it?


1.  Throughout this site

  • Assistance on using the service is available throughout the site by clicking on the Need Help icons: 


  • User Guides are available at the top of the eDevelopment, ePlanning, and eBuildingStandards home pages.


2.  In our Support Tabs 

The Support tab in the top right-hand corner of the website contains:

  • Easy-to-follow guidance for common issues,
  • Contact details for your Local Authority, and
  • Detail on how to contact our Support Desk if you need further assistance.


3.  Your Local and Planning Authority

Assistance on the planning and building processes is also available from your local or planning authority:

  • Your Authority will assess and decide upon your application and some appeals. Many Authorities have an advice service to assist applicants and appellants.
  • If you have a technical question about an application or aren't sure what you want to do, as a general rule, we would always recommend that you speak to a planning / building control officer in your authority beforehand. Contact details for all Scottish Local and Planning Authorities are available here.


4.  Other websites

For further information about the Scottish planning and building standards processes, we would recommend the following links:

  • The Scottish Government websites, gov.scot and mygov.scot, both contain a host of information about the planning and building standards processes. 
  • The Building Standards Customer Journey explains the building standards system to anyone making home improvements or starting building work.
  • Planning Aid for Scotland (known as PAS) offer free, impartial and confidential planning advice service, provided by specialist volunteers, all of whom are chartered planners.
  • Heads of Planning Scotland (HOPS) have also provided guidance on the national standards for validation for planning applications, including information on what is generally required for a planning application to be valid. 
  • The Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA) assesses and decides upon many appeals made through this site. More information about the appeals process is available here.


How can I give feedback about this service? 


We'd love to know what you think about the eDevelopment Service and our Support Desk, and hear any suggestions from our users about how we can improve it.

If you've used the eDevelopment service and want to provide feedback, please let us know by filling out our new User Survey or email us at eDevelopment@gov.scot.