What is eDevelopment.scot?


This website is a Scotland-wide service managed by the Scottish Government, in partnership with Scotland's local and planning authorities. This service allows anyone to submit planning and building application forms online through two portals:

  • eBuildingStandards
  • ePlanning

You can go to these portals by clicking on the corresponding logos in the menu column on the left of this page.

Should I use ePlanning or eBuildingStandards? 


That depends on what you want to do. While the two portals look and feel quite similar, they are used for making different types of submissions.

Often users will need to use both portals at various times for their developments - for example, you may need to use ePlanning to obtain planning permission or make a householder application, and then use eBuildingStandards to apply for a building warrant or completion certificate.

As a quick guide, the eBuildingStandards portal should be used to apply for:

  • Building Warrants,
  • Amendments to a Building Warrant,
  • Temporary occupation or use,
  • Notice regarding start of work,
  • Notice of work stages complete,
  • Completion certificate, and
  • To submit other related forms.

The ePlanning portal should be used to apply for:

  • Planning Permission,
  • Householder application,
  • Listed building consent,
  • Conservation area consent, 
  • Advertisement consent,
  • Tree works, 
  • Prior notification, 
  • Certificates of lawfulness, 
  • Notice of review, 
  • Certain appeals, and
  • To submit other related forms.

You can start using the portals by clicking on the corresponding logos in the menu column on the left of this page.

How do I start an application?


You'll can follow 4 steps:

1. Go to the relevant portal - First you'll need to log in. To get started on your application you will need to either click on the blue ePlanning logo or the red eBuildingStandards logo underneath the green buttons on the menu on the left-hand side of this screen.

2. Create a Proposal - the first step in the process is to create a Proposal; this process  is the same in both portals. You can go to the 'My Proposals' page and click on 'New Proposal' (located right above the Active and Deleted tabs). This process will involve:

  • Selecting your site address by postcode, address, easting and northing, or map, and
  • Giving your proposal a name and brief description.

3. Select an application form - at the end of this process, you will be able to add the application, review, or appeal form that you want to complete.

4. Fill out your application form, pay, and submit it - you'll then be able to fill out your application form. When you're ready, you'll be able to pay for your application and submit it along with any supporting documents that you want to upload to the site and we'll pass these along to your authority.

Where can I get help if I need it?


Assistance is available throughout the site:

  • Help in completing application forms is available throughout the site by clicking on the Help icons: 
  • User Guides are available at the top of the eDevelopment, ePlanning, and eBuildingStandards home pages.
  • gov.scot and mygov.scot both contain a host of information about the planning and building standards processes.
  • The Support tab in the top right-hand corner of the website contains easy-to-follow guidance for common issues, and contact details for your Local Authority and our Support Desk if you need further assistance.