Help: Account details

Personal details

Please enter your details required for registration below. We will need to know your name and your usual role in the application or appeal process. These details can be changed at any time, but we need this information to create your account correctly to begin with.

Choose your title (for example, Mr, Mrs) and your first name and surname. If you choose the title, ’Other’, you must put something in the ‘Other title’ field. And, if you do not pick ‘Other’ as the title, you will not be allowed to enter a value in the ‘Other title’ field.

Professional users are usually those who typically act as an agent on behalf of someone else who is having some construction or demolition for work done (for example, architects, private-sector planning consultants, representatives of companies carrying out planning applications and appeals). Professional users have the ability to create an organisation that they will commonly share proposal information with. Professional users can still be used for sending in personal applications or appeals, but they should pay close attention to the sharing settings for these applications.

If you share work with other users as an organisation administrator, you will not be able to change your user type from professional until to you remove the organisation or pass the role to another user to act as administrator

General- public users are not usually involved with the application or appeals process in a business or commercial sense, but are generally focused on their own personal property. However, this group may include amateur property developers. Accounts created with this option have some reduced sharing features which will make the site easier to use. However, you will still be able to grant access to your application or appeal, for your architect or solicitor for example, by using their email address. This is useful to allow them to review your application or appeal before you send it into the local authority.